Is abortion over in the United States? This is what is happening

Is abortion over in the United States?  This is what is happening

There is a lot going on in the United States about abortion law. The Supreme Court wants to abolish the Ro V hunt. One small explanation for this is that different states can decide for themselves whether or not to allow an abortion. In some Republican states, the result is clear: they no longer want to allow it, or make it too hard.

Yesterday’s political news site Politics Full draft comment on US Supreme Court abortion on website. According to the court’s Chief Justice John Roberts, the design is genuine, but not conclusive. So this change will not take effect immediately. In essence, it’s about abolishing the right to abortion.

There is no right to abortion in the United States

According to the US media, Roberts has ordered an investigation into the leak. He spoke of “betraying” the secrecy of the court, which was intended to “undermine the integrity of our actions.” But it does not work, Roberts said of the “unheard of” incident: “It does not affect the work of the court in any way.”

The document leaked yesterday shows that a majority of chief justices (nine in all) want to repeal the constitutional right to abortion. It comes half a century after the same court made it possible. It happened in the Row vs. Wade judgment. However, Conservative judges now have a clear majority in court. Some of them were nominated by former Republican President Donald Trump.

Democrat leader Joe Biden has already announced his opposition to the court ruling. He says women’s freedom of choice is “fundamental” and “a part of personal freedom”.

Row vs Wade

If Row vs. Wade is removed, US states can again decide whether to allow abortion. Many ‘republican’ states are already banning or drastically reducing ownership.

Vice President Kamala Harris believes in a statement that she is in danger: “Row versus Wade guarantees the woman’s right to choose abortion. Basically, it also protects the fundamental right to privacy. It is clear that opponents want to punish women and deprive them of the right to make decisions about their own bodies. It is time to fight for everything we have for women and our country.

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Is abortion over in the United States? This is what is happening

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