International truck driver Liu (59): “Now I make a lot of money” | salary

International truck driver Liu (59): “Now I make a lot of money” |  salary

salaryhow much do you earn? We ask a Dutchman this every week. Today: Liu (59) works about 60 hours a week as an international truck driver. When we talk to him, he had just unloaded a container in Germany on his way to Maasvlakte.

What do you earn?
“We get paid every four weeks. My net salary for four weeks is about 3,700 euros. I’m on the road all week and spend the night in the truck. We receive an expense allowance of about 900 euros a month. I usually put a container on the car on Friday and then drive it home where I can Park it safely. On Monday, when I start my work again, I can start right away.”

Happy with – cheerful who?
“For the work I do. Of course there are drawbacks too: I’m not at home much, but if I have to vacuum for four hours, then only have to wait and get all that money. That’s why I also have a tablet with me. Then I can watch TV.” I don’t get tired of my work and I don’t get tired of it. That’s very different if you have the transmission transmission. If the bridge is open, you don’t have to call I’ll be arriving a little later.”

Have you negotiated your salary?
I’ve been working here for five years and have a firm collective business agreement for relocation. I’m on the second highest scale. If I use an extra meter, they can force me to stay away for the weekend. If you are driving to Germany on a Friday, you must stay there because you are obligated to take a 24 hour break on the weekend. In Germany, trucks are not allowed to drive on Sundays.

Would you rather not stay away for the weekend?
“I think staying away for four nights is a long time. I actually asked to work for a shorter day. But my boss said then that car will stay stationary for a day. We don’t have a driver to drive for two days. It doesn’t work for us.”


I have acquaintances who do daily chores and get 2,400 euros a month

Would you be open to a job at another company?
“Not for the work I do now. When my kids were young I often had to start at 5 am and wasn’t home until 7:30 pm. Then it was the food, the showers and then I crashed. I’m more relaxed now. I also have My car has my stuff in it, which is great if I have to sleep too. If I switch, I don’t have a night allowance anymore. I have acquaintances who do day work and they charge 2,400 euros a month. I make a lot of money now.”

Do you know what your colleagues earn?
“Yes, basically all the same. It is no secret with us.”

How do you see your future?
“I want to do this work for another four or five years and then I’ll stop. Some truck drivers live. The fellow who was able to retire from the summer is still driving. It gives him freedom and he loves it so much that it stops. But if he lets me stop, I’ll spend all my My time is my hobbies. I don’t have much time for that right now. Then I’ll take my boat. I can’t do that now when the weather is nice at night. I also miss social things because I’m away from home. But I think I get paid for it.”

Is Leo making enough?

Age: 59
Number of years of work experience: 37
Number of working hours per week: 60
Education: secondary vocational education
Job: truck driver
Branch: Transportation
Number of employees: 50

according to Salary Guide The average salary for his position is a total of €2962 per month. “Then the extra time is not included. But it is true then.”

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