International star Billie Eilish has a twitter: ‘Most people think I’m trying to be funny’ | stars

International star Billie Eilish has a twitter: 'Most people think I'm trying to be funny' |  stars

Tourette syndrome is characterized by making short movements or making sounds that you cannot control. Tics such as shaking your head, frowning, and tightening of your arm muscles were seen in Bailey when she was 11 years old.

“If you picture me long enough, you’ll see a lot of tics” says the American international star in a new episode of the Netflix series My next guest needs no introduction From the talk show Icon Letterman. “I like to talk about it because it’s so much fun. I’m totally confused, I don’t understand,” Billy says of her tics.

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The singer was a guest on Netflix's David Letterman Show.

The singer was a guest on Netflix’s David Letterman Show.


The multiple Grammy winner says her tics are “too stressful” for her. “I don’t like it, but it is a part of me. I am at peace with it and now I am confident of that too.”

At one point in the episode, Billy tilts her head to the side and opens her mouth without saying anything. Letterman asked her if she had seen a fly, but Bailey replied that it was a bump, after which the host apologized several times. However, according to the singer, not everyone approaches it this way. “Most people laugh and think I’m trying to be funny. But it always hurts so much.”

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