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Intel’s new top-of-the-line model, the Core i9 12900KS, will be available for purchase starting next Tuesday, April 5. The processor manufacturer also announced a suggested retail price: $739, adapter inclusive of VAT, i.e. €815.

In the title of its press release, Intel called the 12900KS “the world’s fastest desktop processor,” based on its maximum turbo clock speed of 5.5GHz. By this scale, those so far were 11900K and 10900K, both of which have 5.3GHz single-core turbos. When all the main P cores are loaded simultaneously, the speed of the 12900KS can reach 5.2GHz.

Technically, the Core i9 12900KS is very similar to the current 12900K. So it has eight fast P cores and several economical electronic cores, which together share a 30MB L3 cache. To enable higher clock speeds, the . file CPU base power (formerly PL1) increased to 150 watts. The max turbo power (PL2) It seems to be still the same for 12900K, i.e. 241W.

The introduction of the new 12th generation Intel flagship model can not be separated from the imminent release of AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D† This is AMD’s first consumer processor with 3D V-Cache, which should result in better performance, especially in gaming. So it would be exciting if he could claim the gaming performance crown; Currently, Intel Alder Lake processors small drive From a small percentage at most.

After the BIOS update, the 12900KS will work in 1700 socket motherboards, with both DDR4 and DDR5 memory. As we mentioned, the new processor will be available for sale starting next Tuesday. Reviews will also appear on that day.

Core i9 12900 K Core i9 12900KS
nuclei 8P + 8E 8P + 8E
threads 24 24
clock core speed Base: 3.2GHz
Boost All Cores: 4.9GHz
Single core boost: 5.2GHz
Base: 3.4GHz
Boost All Cores: 5.2GHz
Single core boost: 5.5GHz
The speed of electronic cores around the clock Base: 2.4GHz
Single core boost: 3.9GHz
Base: 2.5GHz
Single core boost: 4.0GHz
L2 . cache 14 megabytes 14 megabytes
L3 cache 30 megabytes 30 megabytes
GPU UHD 770 UHD 770
BBmtp 125 W / 241 W 150 W / 241 W
Recommended Retail Price 615 EUR €815

The Core i9 12900KS comes in a special package with a plastic “chip” that contains the CPU.

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