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Intel’s Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards will be released in the second quarter of this year. Laptops with Arc GPUs will appear in the first quarter, as was already known. Intel has also announced its Project Endgame streaming service, but is giving few details about it.

writes intel The company will start shipping Ark Chemistry products in the second quarteradd toDesktop Maps. The chip maker says workstation GPUs will follow in the third quarter. The company also notes that OEMs will release their first laptops with Arc Alchemist GPUs this quarter.

The company previously said that Arch Alchemist GPUs will appear in laptops in the first quarter. At CES in January Intel said Arc Alchemist graphics cards will be released in the first quarter, although it only spoke of “systems integration” from OEMs at the time. In total, Intel expects to deliver 4 million discrete GPUs by 2022. However, that includes other GPUs, such as the upcoming Ponte Vecchio chip for data centers and high performance computing

Intel Corporation Announced its Arc Alchemist graphics cards Earlier. These chips are for discrete graphics processing units for laptops and desktop computers. Intel does not manufacture the same Arc Alchemist graphics cards. Instead, it is manufactured at TSMC, in a 6 nm process. Video cards will receive support for ray tracing and Intel XeSS, an analogue of AMD FSR and Nvidia DLSS.

The manufacturer also indicates that it began to develop the celestial architecture of the arc. This will be the third generation of the company’s Arc GPU. Intel writes that Celestial is for the “extremely enthusiastic” market segment. In addition, Intel announces the end game of the project. This appears to be related to a streaming service running on Arc GPUs. “Project Endgame will provide users with access to Intel Arc GPUs through an always accessible system, a little latency computing experience,” the company wrote. It will be similar to Nvidia’s GeForce NOW. Intel says Project Endgame will be available later this year, but it doesn’t share more details.

Alchemist will be the first generation of Intel Arc GPUs

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