Intel Arc A770 Review – Tweakers

Intel Arc A770 Review - Tweakers


The top model of Intel’s Arc series video cards comes along with competing cards from AMD and Nvidia. They are in the entry class, because the A770 runs a little faster than the RX 6600 and RTX 3060. The price, as far as the availability of the card, is also in line with this; The A770 is located between AMD and Nvidia cards. The points of interest remain the drives, which sometimes offer low frame rates and high frame times, and power consumption; Especially idle there is still something to gain.

Intel is gradually introducing its own video cards and GPUs based on the Alchemist architecture. After what Bad performance From the Arc A380, it is now the turn of the A770 cards to compete with AMD and Nvidia. This competition should be settled mainly in the middle segment, because although the A770’s GPU is almost three times larger than the A380, the performance and price are in this segment. However, the A770 is the most powerful Arc GPU that Intel released with this generation.

A770 we tested is Limited Edition A770, made available by Intel itself. On the other hand, the A380 card was imported from China by user Lucofski and loaned to us. The fact that Intel provides at least samples should be an indication that the company has sufficient confidence in its product.

In this review, we compare the A770 to its competitors from AMD and Nvidia. In doing so, we look at both the pricing and performance of the Arc Card. We mainly use introductory prices as advertised by many manufacturers, because the price trend of Nvidia’s 3000 series and AMD’s 6000 series has been quite in circulation for the past 18 months. It remains to be seen how this will align with the Intel card, where the availability of cards plays a particularly important role. Can Intel attract enough buyers?

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