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The first benchmarks for a laptop with an Intel Arc A370M graphics processor have been published. From this we can conclude that the video card performs the same as the Nvidia RTX 3050 for laptops. The A370M is currently the fastest Intel graphics processor. Keep track of the highest-ranking models.

Standards Performed by PCWorld Show that the MSI Summit E16 Flip Evo Laptop with A370M GPU scores 4405 points in 3D Mark Time Spy. ASUS Vivobook Pro laptop with RTX 3050 received a total score of 4396. Acer Nitro 5 with RTX 3060 was also included in the test; Who got 8,201 points.

Intel Arc A370M Standard by PCWorld

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the A370M achieves a frame rate of 59 fps at 1080p and high settings. That’s more than the 50 fps achieved by the RTX 3050 laptop at the same settings. In Metro Exodus Enhanced with ray tracing turned on and high settings, the Arc A370M performs less than the RTX 3050 at 19 fps, achieving 22 fps. The RTX 3060 achieves 62 fps in this test.

PCWorld manages the standards at Intel itself. The publication was granted access to five identical reference systems for running the standards. The results shown are the average of five tests.

At the end of March, Intel announced Arc Alchemist video cards for laptops at. The company then said the A350M and A370M aircraft would be available immediately. In practice, this turned out to be not the case, and in early April Intel “made it clear” that it was just a model from Samsung in South Korea, and then the company said that availability “In the coming weeks” will increase

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Several laptops with an Intel Arc A370M video card have been announced, but in practice, such laptops are not available. No comprehensive independent reviews of Intel Arc video cards have been published yet.

Intel Arc GPUs for Laptops
a series Sagittarius 3 arc 5 Sagittarius 7
model A350M A370M A550 m A730M A770M
Cores XE 6 8 16 24 32
ray tracing cores 6 8 16 24 32
clock speed 1150MHz 1550MHz 900MHz 1100MHz 1650MHz
Memory (GDDR6) 4 GB (64-bit) 4 GB (64-bit) 8 GB (128 bit) 12 GB (192 bits) 16 GB (256 bit)
Graphics Power 25-35 W 35-50 watts 60-80 W 80-120 W 120-150 W
release March 30, 2022 early summer 2022

Intel specifications and reported release dates

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