Intel Alder Lake compatibility issues due to DRM still affect two games – PC – News

The list of games incompatible with Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs due to DRM was narrowed to two last month. According to the company, initially there were 91 games that did not work with processors.

Since the release of Alder Lake, DRM issues have been resolved in 89 games. In 54 cases this was done via a game patch and for the other 35 games it was done via a Windows update. That’s what Intel fellow and chief architect Jay Terrain said during a briefing attended by Tweakers.

Only Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Fernbus Simulator Not fully working yet In combination with Alder Lake CPU. This applies to Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems. It is not known when the compatibility issues for these two games will be resolved. It is possible to put electronic cores in standby mode temporarily. Users can use a file Old Game Compatibility Mode Activate it in bios and after rebooting press “scroll lock” on your keyboard. In this case, the game will start. After playing, users can turn off the scroll lock again.

Intel released its Alder Lake CPUs on November 4. Processors have two different types of cores; Performance-oriented electronic cores, more efficient electronic cores. According to Intel, there was a certain DRM program that recognized electronic cores as cores like a separate computer. This led to compatibility issues, according to the company. Then Intel published its list of incompatible games. Initially, according to Intel, there were 91 games that did not work with CPUs, but about the Alder Lake version This number was still a total of 51.

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