Insurance companies are picking up more business people who commit fraud

Insurance companies are picking up more business people who commit fraud

Fire for insurance money

According to insurance companies, the Corona crisis may play a role in this. For example, there was a restaurant owner who wanted to get rid of his company in March of last year, because he saw his sales drop dramatically due to the forced closure of catering services. He decided to set his business on fire.

It went wrong: the entire building burned down and the investigation showed that it was done on purpose. The manager had to pay €56,000 in damages to the property owner and another suspect He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Dobel’s claim

The number of scammers is more than last year, when more than 12,000 cases were discovered. However, a fraud with a higher amount was committed in 2019: 96 million euros.

Just like last year, the most common fraud was in auto insurance, such as auto insurance. For example, people exaggerate the damage or file a double claim.

But most fraud is committed when people take out insurance. “People give false information, so the insurance company doesn’t have the right picture of the situation,” Weurding says. “As a result, the premium may have been incorrectly set lower.”

Male scammers

Fraudsters are included in the central insurance system. At the moment such a person wants to get a new insurance policy, the company receives a signal.

“It doesn’t automatically mean that you can no longer get insurance,” Weurding says. “It could be that society imposes restrictive conditions. It depends on what exactly happened.”

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