Inspection shows new Apple MagSafe charger for iPhone 13 series – Tablets and phones – News

A review of a new Apple MagSafe charger for four iPhones has been released unannounced. This fuels rumors that Apple has added magnets to the MagSafe system for upcoming iPhones.

The inspection by the US FCC does not show any pictures, but reveals different specifications. Documents can be viewed Via the external website It is a charger that can charge devices at a maximum of 15W, according to the examination. It will be compatible with the four iPhone 12 models and four other iPhone models. Tested with charger directly on the phone and through silicone cases. It is impossible to charge more than one device at a time with the new charger.

The charger is also compatible with one model of AirPods, the AirPods Pro from 2019. There are rumors that Apple will introduce new AirPods this fall, but there probably won’t be a box that can charge wirelessly. AirPods Pro case can be charged at a maximum of 1W.

9to5Mac Point He suggested that Apple might have considered putting stronger magnets in iPhones in favor of better magnetic operation of the MagSafe system. This will enable a new charger to stick more firmly to your iPhone.

The certification documents contain a schematic representation of the loader showing the same circular design as last year’s MagSafe loader. Apple has asked the FCC to keep real photos secret for six months.

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