Injured in protests against the Peruvian government | Abroad

Injured in protests against the Peruvian government |  Abroad

Violent clashes broke out again between demonstrators and security forces during new protests against the Peruvian government. Three officers were injured and flown to the capital, Lima, for treatment.

Protests broke out in the country again on Wednesday. The health ministry said more than 40 people have been infected since then.

On Friday, protesters threw rocks at the police. A radio station reported that they also tried to storm Juliaca Airport. The police fired tear gas into the crowd.

The main target of the protests is Dina Boulwart, who came to power after ousting predecessor Pedro Castillo. The protesters are calling for Boulwart’s resignation, the dissolution of Parliament and the release of former President Castillo.

Castillo, a former village teacher, wanted to prevent a vote of no confidence in December and dissolve parliament. But then he was removed from office. He was arrested on charges of attempted coup and remains in detention. His supporters have taken to the streets several times since the arrest. More than 20 people were killed in clashes with the police.

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