Ingrid and Zeus split after 33 years due to eviction: ‘Very painful’

Ingrid and Zeus split after 33 years due to eviction: 'Very painful'

Saying goodbye to Zeus the Swan is something Ingrid van Gelder doesn’t like. For 33 years, the swan has been visiting her backyard where she runs a pit. Over the years they have built a close bond. Now they threaten to separate, because Van Gelder has been evicted from her home.

After 33 years farewell to Zwaan Zeus – NH Nieuws

Due to a protracted financial conflict with her former boss, Ingrid van Gelder is facing a serious financial problem. The problem has worsened so much in the past 10 years that she lives on only 50 euros a week and receives help to pay off the debts she incurred. “It’s been awful for years, and now I have to leave my house. I really have no idea where to go,” Van Gelder says.

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Ingrid feeding the swans of Zeus’ baby – Ingrid van Gelder

In addition to financial risks, there is another dangerous thing that threatens. Van Gelder has had a very special guest for 33 years. “From the beginning, about 33 years ago, Zeus has been passing a swan here. He’s like a pet to me. One has a cat and the other a dog. I have Zeus.”

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The close connection is also evident because Van Gelder is allowed to babysit Zeus’ young children. “I was actually co-parenting from Zeus. Once they hatch, Zeus brings the cubs here. It’s like saying, ‘Here they are, watch them.'”

“I don’t think he will get used to the new residents.”

Ingrid van Gelder

So it was unimaginable if Ingrid had to leave her house and could no longer see Zeus. “I don’t think he’ll get used to the new residents. And when I’m gone, I’ll definitely keep coming. It’s all very intense.”

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Ingrid owns a file crowdfunding campaign called to life. We hope you raise enough money to pay all costs. But van Gelder also realizes that the swan is already very old. “I think this is pretty much the oldest swan in the world. If it dies, that’s bad. I’d rather put it back then.”

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