Information: The US Federal Trade Commission is investigating Sony’s acquisition of Bungie – for games – news

The US Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigation into Sony’s acquisition of Bungie. This report is a source of information. As a result, the acquisition may be delayed for months.

The Federal Trade Commission is said to have begun its investigation into the proposed acquisition last week, Report sources for information, which is likely to share information about technology companies. Information indicates that this may result in a delay of up to six months or more. Sony has not previously specified when it expects to complete the acquisition. Information indicates that the deal may be completed by the beginning of 2023 due to the investigation.

The FTC will investigate, among other things, the consequences of competition in the gaming sector, IGN . writes Based on the information. The regulator will focus on concerns that Sony could block access to Bungie games on other platforms, such as Xbox. Sony said when announcing its acquisition plans that games from Bungie will remain cross-platform.

Sony announced in January that it Game maker Bungie wants $3.6 billion† This announcement came a few weeks after it was announced Microsoft Activision wants to buy Blizzard† The Federal Trade Commission is also investigating this acquisition, which is also expected to expire next year.

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