Inflation rose to a high of 17.1%

Inflation rose to a high of 17.1%


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Inflation in the Netherlands rose to a new high of 17.1 percent in September. This was reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) based on the European Harmonized Consumer Price Index (HICP). According to CBS, this is in any case the highest inflation rate since World War II. In August it was still 13.7 per cent and that was also a record.

The rise in energy prices is an important reason: compared to September last year, energy prices including fuel increased by 114 percent this month.

Statistics Netherlands takes the prices of new energy contracts into account when calculating inflation. For many people, the energy inflation will be lower, for example because they still hold a perpetual contract. Also, many people with variable contracts didn’t have such a big price increase in September.

An inflation rate of 17.1 percent means that average prices in September were 17.1 percent higher than they were in September 2021. So, inflation in September will not be above the 13.7 percent inflation rate in August.

Statistics Netherlands says this is a preliminary estimate based on incomplete source data. Regular figures, including inflation according to the Dutch Consumer Price Index (CPI), will be released within one week.

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