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I can only praise, but Jesus what a mess USB protocol. The legislator can do nothing about it, but manufacturers must be obligated to specify correctly. First of all, the charging technology used by mobile devices. You have Qualcomm QC (multiple versions), USB-PD (multiple versions, PPS), and proprietary protocols (like Warp from OnePlus). Moreover, the charger manufacturers can also be encrypted. Take Anker, famous for their PowerIQ technology. There are also several versions of it. It is not specified anywhere what exactly it supports about QC and USB-PD. If you have a decent charger, it may happen that a certain profile within the specification is not supported (eg 20V 5A).

Then the cables. A huge amount of junk is being sold, even in physical stores. USB cables that do not have a certificate. Poor shielding or high resistance. E marks brackish. What power can the cable really have? What speeds can the cable handle? Is it old fashioned 480Mb/s or maybe 5/10/20/40/80Gb/s? What speed does the host itself support now? It’s mostly obvious for laptops, but not for phones. And how are you going to break down your lineup of USB cables?

I recently ditched all of my chargers and USB cables to get my hands on Anker’s new 65W + 140W USB-PD 3.1 with PPS support (I hope, because what exactly is PowerIQ 4?). Also a bunch of new USB-C cables rated at 100W with 480Mb/s data for charging and a few USB 3.2 Gen 2 cables for 10Gb/s data transfer. And of course naming it all. Because I know a lot of what those old cables can handle now, and for the new ones, I’ll forget that too in a year.

This is not possible for the average consumer. Then you rightly complain about why phones charge so slowly with dozens of old 5V 2A chargers lying around at home. Or you have a good charger but with a broken cable so fast charging doesn’t work 8) 7 . In addition, modern GaN chargers with broad support across the board are also quite affordable. This also applies to high power USB cables. So suboptimal products are quickly selected. USB is more personalized advice than consumer WiFi.

Once you understand it, it will be fun. ONE CABLE AND CHARGER FOR EVERYTHING: Think laptop, handheld consoles, mobile phone, earphone case, headphone, power bank and I don’t know what else. Even games on your bedside table can now be used on USB-C.

If Tweakers Plus is still a thing, it can produce a nice and meaningful article. From everything USB to charging technologies with cable tests from the most popular stores in the Netherlands (Action, Hema, Tork phone around the corner, etc.).

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