In the United States, a new wave of infections is leading to more deaths, and hospitals are overcrowded

In the United States, a new wave of infections is leading to more deaths, and hospitals are overcrowded

A corona patient in Houston was stabilized before being taken to hospital.Field cartridge pictures

More than 100,000 Americans have been hospitalized by Corona

Hospitals in the United States are overflowing again. In total, there are now more than 100 thousand corona patients in the hospital. The U.S. media reports that several southern states, including Florida, Mississippi and Georgia, are suffering from a lack of oxygen. Hospital occupation in the United States is nearing its peak at the beginning of the year when 133 thousand Americans were admitted. The death rate is also rising rapidly. On average, nearly 1,300 deaths a day are reported in the United States. This is 40 percent of the daily deaths in the winter wave. The difference with the Netherlands is great. The infection rate here in the summer was higher than in January, but the mortality rate was 15 times lower than at the beginning of the year. With 642 corona patients, hospital occupation in the Netherlands is now less than a quarter of the winter peak season. At the beginning of January, there were 2,890 corona patients in Dutch hospitals.

The U.S. returns to over 1 million views a day

The vaccine rate is rising again in the United States. After a quick start, shooting speed stopped this summer. At this time almost 1 million shots are taken every day, in July it was about 500 thousand a day. As the delta variation erupts, many residents still decide to put in an injection. Compared to three quarters in the Netherlands, 63 percent of people over the age of 18 are now fully vaccinated in the United States. Unlike the Netherlands, the differences in vaccine coverage are large in the United States. The vaccination rate in Vermont and Massachusetts is one and a half times higher than in Alabama and Mississippi. On September 20, the United States begins to deliver a third shot to the people it wants.

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