In the stronghold of the PVV, they found the victory refreshing, which alarmed the Dutch-Moroccans

In the stronghold of the PVV, they found the victory refreshing, which alarmed the Dutch-Moroccans
Wilders delivers a speech before his party’s bloc in the House of Representatives

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How does the Netherlands react to the Party for Freedom’s surprisingly large electoral victory? In areas where Geert Wilders scored above average, many voters are happy and hope he gets the chance to deliver on his promises, they told NOS and regional broadcasters.

“The Netherlands has reached a point where we don’t want to be, because of its policy of destruction over the last 12 years,” says the owner of an early morning gym in Westland, in the south of the country. “These people are ready for something different.” Netherlands (33 percent for the Freedom Party).

This call for change can also be heard among his clients: “We have to put ourselves first,” says one energetic woman. Her friend says that the Netherlands “should be less pampered. I have nothing against foreigners who live and work here, but we should bring them a little less. I am not at all in favor of ‘just closing mosques.’” Or something like that, maybe. Anyone can do that and let them do what they want, but I think in the Netherlands we are largely seen as Valhalla.”

They also told NH News that many residents in Volendam (43 percent of PVV) are also happy this morning. A visitor to a gas station there finds it “refreshing and new” that it is now Wilders’ turn, and hopes that he will now make an effort “for the Dutch.” Another client says he is glad the other political parties “were all against Wilders. Now let him get it done.”

In Groningen there was a reaction to the huge victory of the Freedom Party:

“All my money goes to everyone but myself.”

In Otmarsum, Twente, the NSC under Peter Umtzigt became the largest party, followed by the Party for Freedom by a long distance. Many visitors to the weekly market there say they would rather see Omtzigt or the BPP win, but they could get along just fine with a Wilders government.

“I don’t mind comments like ‘less, less, less,'” says one man. “Sometimes Wilders doesn’t say it quite right. But if the National Security Council can reach an agreement with them, I have no problem with that. “

Many other voters in Dinkeland cite what they see as excessive attention to the “climate event” and housing crisis as a reason to be happy with Wilders as the elder. “People are tired of it,” one woman told NOS. “You have to think more about the young people here in the Netherlands itself. People from abroad get all kinds of things, and our young people cannot find a home.”

“The Netherlands is strict”

In the run-up to the election, Wilders showed a different face than before, saying he had become “soft” and looking for the desired electoral victory and a possible coalition.

But many Dutch people of immigrant background have not forgotten that in 2009 he wanted to impose a tax on the hijab (‘kopvoddentax’), and in 2014 after the municipal elections he called for reducing the number of Moroccans in the Netherlands, with his supporters chanting “fewer.” , less, less.” Wilders was convicted before the Supreme Court on charges of insulting a group.

The umbrella organization of Islamic organizations, SPIOR, said in a press statement that “the party that takes Islamophobia as its spearhead has become the largest party in the country.” “Wilders has not relented. The Netherlands has become more stringent.”

Elsewhere in the country, voters are also concerned about a potential government with the Freedom Party:

Mixed reactions to the Freedom Party’s victory: “I feel very ashamed” and “He chooses the country”

The Partnership for the Dutch-Moroccan People receives many signs that its supporters are concerned about the future in the Netherlands. “Many key neighborhood figures, local organizations and community workers are now receiving concerned questions from children and women, such as: What will happen to us now?”

“I think it’s bad, yes,” says a boy on a street in Rotterdam. “It’s his ideology and the way he talks.” “I haven’t forgotten the phrase ‘less, less’ either. People say that’s in the past, but it says something about him as a person.”

Social media is now raining comments of fear and gallows humor from Dutch people with immigrant backgrounds, who say they are worried about their future. Many jokes that the bags are constantly overcrowded.

A selection of the many jokes that are now being shared on social media:

But there are also people in the Freedom Party’s strongholds who look to the future with concern. “I feel very ashamed,” says a woman at the market in Otmarsom. “I think it’s terrible. I work a lot with people of non-Western origins, and they are very good, hardworking people. I hope this is not a sign that living together won’t work anymore in the future.”

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