In Shanghai, the first residents are allowed to go out again

In Shanghai, the first residents are allowed to go out again

Shanghai will ease a strict lockdown imposed on the entire city for a week and a half. The capital will consider the number of new cases of corona for each region.

In areas where no new infections have been detected in the past two weeks, residents are allowed to go outside without restrictions. However, gatherings are still prohibited. If there are few infections, residents are only allowed to travel within their area. In urban areas where there are many infections, residents should stay completely indoors.

The city, with a population of 26 million, is struggling with a significant prevalence of the Omicron variant. Today, 23,000 Shanghai residents have tested positive, although most have no complaints. To deal with the new outbreak, the city has set up about a hundred temporary hospitals with a total of 160,000 beds.

protesting population

At the end of March, Shanghai was completely closed due to the outbreak, much to the chagrin of residents. They complained to the authorities about the lack of food and other nutrients. Delivery services can no longer keep up with the demand for groceries. Today, the city’s deputy mayor admitted that the authorities had failed in the approach.

Not just Shanghai, but the whole of China is struggling with one of the worst outbreaks of corona since the beginning of the epidemic. The country has a ‘no virus spread policy’, which means that there are strict measures in place in many places. It is estimated that about 23 Chinese cities are completely or partially closed.

Insurance rules are now in effect again in Beijing. In the northeast of the city, a number of residential blocks will be closed until further notice.

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