In Portugal, managers are no longer allowed to call their employees after working hours | a job

In Portugal, managers are no longer allowed to call their employees after working hours |  a job

In Portugal, bosses are no longer allowed to call or email their employees outside of business hours. This behavior is now illegal.

Since Friday, the Portuguese government has passed a law to exempt employees now that they have started working more from home due to Corona. Employers should consider the private time of employees. If called after business hours, this can have serious consequences. For example, the employer can be fined, reports CNN.

Protecting home workers

With the law, the Portuguese government wants to make it clear to employees that their employers should allow them their time, even if they need a break while working. In addition, employers must provide things, such as laptop computers and computer software, so that they can properly perform the required work. The law also states that employees may declare additional costs incurred by working from home, such as electricity or gas, to their employer.

Although countless people have been confined to their homes as domestic workers due to the coronavirus, only Portugal’s socialist government introduces labor protection laws in an official way. Thus, it maintains a balance between work and a normal life.

Attracting digital nomads

The legislation was not only proposed by Portugal’s Minister of Labor, Ana Mendes Godinho, to protect workers. In this way, the minister also hopes to create good working conditions for digital nomadsPeople who do not work in their home country but do so while they are travelling.

Portugal was already popular among digital nomads, Because the state granted them temporary visas to come, work and live in Portugal. With the new arrangement they are trying to make the country more attractive.

A similar law was passed in France in 2017, allowing employees to ignore messages from employers outside working hours.


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