In China’s view, the United States, not Russia, are the occupiers

In China's view, the United States, not Russia, are the occupiers

Beijing on Friday night condemned the Ukrainian occupation and called on the UN to call on Russia to withdraw. The Security Council did not attend the vote. This time it was a stroke of luck. China, which is heavily cooperating with Russia, may also have used its veto. But similar to Russia’s occupation of Crimea in 2014, China has refused to do so.

China and Russia issued a joint statement on February 4, when Putin was the guest of honor at the Olympics, saying that the friendship between the two countries “has no borders” and especially the strong ideological relationship between the two leaders. Explicit. In it, it stated that China was opposed to further expansion of NATO. The alliance with Russia has proven to be less firm and unconditional than it has appeared recently.

However, China does not support sanctions against Russia, which is of more practical importance to Russia. While the West imposes sanctions, China has kept its trade lines with Russia open. If Western countries control the payments of Russian banks, the big Chinese development banks could play a key role in lending money to Russia. Chinese development banks, established to invest in economically backward countries, have no business with the United States or the West. As a result, unlike other Chinese banks, they are almost insensitive to Western boycotts.

Being raised together

Xi believes that China and Russia can work together to create a new world order based on a new international etiquette and a centrally controlled state system higher than Western democracy. That is what drives the joint military exercises and the way they turn against the United States.

But to make this precisely possible in the long run, it would be wise for Xi not to put the US and the EU on further note against China. Sino-Russian plans for that have not yet progressed. Shik needs time.

Putin now puts Ji in a difficult position. An important cornerstone of Chinese policy has long respected the sovereignty of the states because China has always feared that other nations would violate its sovereignty. So what does China do for a blatant violation of that policy?

Currently, China is coming up with a complex construction that will save cabbage and sheep. Yes, China maintains the inviolability of sovereign nations, but as far as Ukraine is concerned, it is not a truly sovereign nation. Or, as Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi put it According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua On Thursday he told his Russian ally: China recognizes the complex and special historical context of affairs around Ukraine and understands Russia’s legitimate security concerns.

In China’s view, the United States, not Russia, are the occupiers. After all, it was the United States that initiated the expansion of NATO to the east, and certainly threatened Russia. “Did they also think of the consequences of pushing a big country against the wall?” Foreign Ministry spokesman asked This week itself.

China continues to stress the need to address Russia’s legitimate security concerns. When Xi and Putin met on Friday, Xi reiterated that Russia and Ukraine must find a diplomatic way out of the conflict. It is unclear whether China will act as a mediator.

Chinese audit committee recommends that the media not report positively on Western countries and report negatively on Russia

Taiwan now?

Meanwhile, there is speculation inside and outside China that it may be time for China to seize Taiwan. This is because the focus has been diverted and China clearly sees that the West cannot bring more than sanctions.

On the Chinese Internet, a Round photo of a pig Is slaughtered in a farm yard. “Ukraine,” the animal reads. Another pig, looking anxiously over a wall in the area, reads “Taiwan”. The equation is By a government spokesman Rejected. “Taiwan is not Ukraine”.

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Meanwhile, the official Chinese state media is relatively quiet around Ukraine. The Chinese audit committee recommends that the media not report positively on Western countries and report negatively on Russia. Nothing to speak of war or invasion: a Foreign Ministry spokesman avoided the question of what to call Russian action. News about Ukraine has never even opened the news on Chinese television.

However, there was a hashtag on Chinese social media that said ‘I can’t focus on my work’. In the hashtag, the sentence is written only slightly differently, i.e. the first letter of the Chinese name for Ukraine. That said basically: I could not focus on my work because of Ukraine. According to the site WhatsonweiboIt monitors what is written on the micro-blogging site Weibo, and news of the raid is closely followed on social media.

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