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A few days ago, Google applied for a trademark for the “Pixel Watch,” and this weekend Android Central obtained photos of an alleged Pixel Watch that someone left in an American restaurant.

The Pictures Show strong similarities with Makes From the smartwatch that was previously put on the Internet. The watch has a circular design and is completely convex on the top and bottom. The spinning crown of avatars is present plus it has one extra button, matching Concept Pictures From Google I/O 2021.

It is not possible to see the thickness of the frame, as there are no images showing the screen with all the pixels lit. There is only an image with the Google logo; Supposedly the smartwatch starts there. Anyway, the black “screen part” is curved downward along the chassis.

Furthermore, there appears to be a diagnostic port at the top, where the watch strap also connects to the device. It may not be present in the final consumer model. There is also a hole in the side where a microphone or altimeter can be placed. In depth, according to speculation From 9to5Google and othersheart rate monitor, electrocardiogram and possibly other health functions.

The Brand application Last week contains little information. It’s a brand of “Smart Watches & Accessories” and it’s called Pixel Watch. So it looks like this is what Google will be releasing on the device. Previous rumors, coming from sources from YouTuber Jon Prosser, stated that the smartwatch should be released on May 26. Google itself has not disclosed or disclosed anything yet.

The watch undoubtedly runs on Wear OS 3, the new version of the operating system that is the product of a collaboration between Samsung and Google. At the moment, a file is available Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 The only smartwatch that runs on this operating system.

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