I’m leaving: the Wagemans specifically to Spain – I’m leaving

I'm leaving: the Wagemans specifically to Spain - I'm leaving

Handyman Stephen (36) is not into planning and certainly not into a planned life. When he asks his wife, Luis, 33, if she sees a new life in Spain, she doesn’t have to think long…

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Loes, an elementary school teacher, also loves adventure. The two quit their jobs, sell their house in Roermond and buy an old truck, which Stephen turns into a camper van. Without a plan, they leave for Spain with their twins Riff and Pip (3).

The best things happen when you don’t have plans


They head to the Costa Brava, looking for a place where they can live and start a business. The two do not yet know exactly what kind of company it will be. Stephen dreams of his own miniature campsite, while Loes would rather start a bed and breakfast. But that shouldn’t spoil the fun, because anything is better than a boring and predictable life.

They give themselves a year to find a suitable location close to the beach, easily accessible and in nature. After a ten-week search, they found him in the province of Alicante. Did they find their dream home?

Broadcast January 14, 2023 at 9:35 PM on NPO 1 (Looking back on NPO Plus, looking back Start NPO)

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