“I’m actually a cyclist, but I missed a role”

Leo Alkemade in KRAAK.

Leo Alkeddi is a comedian, comedian, actor and now a singer. De Tilburger is a multi-professional creator, known for the comedy TV show Sluipschiets and the game show who loved Holland, but identifies more with a cyclist. He tells and sings about her on the Omroep Brabant KRAAK talk show. “I’m actually a cyclist, but I missed a turn.”

“I’m a huge racing fan,” Leo Alkemade begins by explaining that he makes a CD with songs about cycling. “Sweat and life have so many beautiful parallels. You have beautiful peaks with beautiful views, valleys so deep, you can collapse, sit in a group, sit forward alone or hold on to the flex. There are so many beautiful metaphors that you have in real life.”

One of his favorites is Potato chase† “So you’re between the incisors and the peloton. Then you don’t really get anywhere, so you’re a little on your own. I think a lot of people actually don’t know they’re in Potato chase These kinds of terms are pervasive in the cycling press, as the Kid acknowledges the great championship.

The red lantern holder is the one closing the line in the peloton, the last cyclist in the group. There he compares KDE with the helpers in the community, to be ready for others in these times. “So you’re talking about the foreman, the water bearer, and the red lantern,” which is also the title of his new song. “Cycling is like life. I need that to be creative. My knees are broken, but I’ve never been very good at it either. Not at cycling, by the way.” But he loves to do it and it inspired him to make a CD with cycling songs. Actually a secret about life itself.

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The fact that Alkedi can sing was only known to the general public through his role as Petros in last year’s movie The Passion. “I just wanted to set a record for a long time. I really enjoy singing and I think making music is probably more fun than making other things. You can say a lot with music.”

KDE does many different things. There’s a feature film on the shelf he wrote. It’s – not surprisingly – a comedy: “It’s about the death of my father who died of cancer. Then you think it’s a very heavy-handed story, and it is, but there’s also a lot of humor in it but you need drama to make comedy,” Alkeddi said.

But first the CD. It will be presented in June, and Alkemade made it with guitarist René van Mierlo. In the clip below, you can hear De Rode Lantaarn’s song, like the two songs in KRAAK. he heard.

Watch and listen to Leo Alkid’s song sung in the crack below:

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