February 7, 2023

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IKEA launches the first DVD player, designed by a Dutchman

IKEA launches the first DVD player, designed by a Dutchman

The DVD player is part of a new group called Obegransad† The group was developed by the retail chain in collaboration with DJs at Swedish House Mafia. The first three products were revealed at the Milan Design Fair and will hit stores this fall.

The most striking product is the DVD player, which was co-designed by the Dutch Friso and Warsma† The idea came from Swedish House Mafia, who wanted to get the “perfect gift” with a record player.

“We wanted to make something so simple, accessible and plug-and-play that you could buy it as a gift for anyone who loves music,” says Wiersma. “Nowadays you see a lot of thin turntables almost trying to hide it, but we wanted to make something really bold. We wanted the turntable to be a physical manifestation of the music. Everything about Swedish House Mafia is a conscious statement. I love this approach Music is also a big part of My life and I would like to show that in me as well.”

square and circle

The result is a design that “brings the square and the circle together,” according to Wiersma. “There’s nothing easy about designing something that looks so simple. It’s actually more complicated to develop. A lot of things happen in the product without you as a customer noticing.”

The disc player has a built in subwoofer, plays via USB cable and can play 33 and 45 RPM records. The cartridge and needle can be replaced. According to IKEA, the device works in conjunction with, among other things, EnppiAmplifiers. More technical details and price are not yet known.

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Musicians’ office

IKEA has already worked on a turntable for two years, a prototype of which was also shown, but this product never reached the stores. The project contributed to the new design, according to IKEA Carmen Stoicescu’s technology, which it says is “simple and mechanical”. “We basically looked at what makes the best sound.”

The new group also includes an agency aimed at musicians and producers. With this, IKEA says it is responding to “the trend of making professional music from home”. The desk has, among other things, two headphone holders and a shelf that can be pulled out from under the desktop, which is useful for a midi keyboard, for example.