IKEA launches a new production line in cooperation with Swedish House Mafia – image and sound – news

IKEA has announced that a new Obergränsad product line will be available from October. The product line is aimed at music lovers and was created in collaboration with the Swedish group Swedish House Mafia.

IKEA announces that New production line It will be available worldwide from October. It comes with twenty new products aimed at music lovers. The product line includes cabinet, desk lamp, chair and record player.

The Obergränsad group was created in collaboration with the Swedish House Mafia. The three members of the group are well-known music producers. In collaboration with musicians, IKEA has designed new furniture aimed at producing or listening to music.

Among other things, a popular piece of IKEA furniture, the Kallax cabinet, has been given a new design. The closet was already very suitable for storing vinyl, but new design More storage space for vinyl and music accessories.

IKEA is also launching its own record player for the Obergränsad collection. The record player receives power via a USB-C connection and speakers can be connected via RCA jacks. The cost of different products is not yet known.

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