IKEA introduces three new smart home sensors – picture and sound – News

IKEA has introduced three new smart home sensors: a sensor to detect whether a door or window is open, a motion sensor, and a water leak sensor. All three devices work in conjunction with the Dirigera hub and will be available next year.

The door and window sensor is called Parasoll and consists of two parts. The sensor can According to IKEA Detect when windows or doors are opened and associate an action with that as well, such as controlling the lighting or sending a notification to the user. The device costs €9.99 and will be available from January 2024.

It’s called the Vallhorn wireless motion sensor and can be used indoors and outdoors. This sensor can also be used to control lighting or warn the user. This sensor retails for €7.99 and can be purchased from January.

IKEA also comes with a water leak sensor: Badring. This sensor can detect water leaks and includes a built-in alarm that, according to The Verge, can produce 60 decibels of sound, measured from a distance of one meter. This sensor can also send notifications to the user’s IKEA Home app if it registers a leak. This sensor costs € 9.99 and will be available for sale from April 2024.

These three sensors can be connected to IKEA’s Dirigera hub and can be managed via the IKEA Home app. According to The Verge, the Parasoll and Badring sensors are not compatible with the Trådfri call center. said a product manager at IKEA To the edge The company will soon activate Matter support at the Dirigera Center. IKEA could have postponed this until later. It is not clear when the antennas will be activated.

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