April 1, 2023

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IGN: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony Won’t Attend E3 This Year Gaming News

Somewhat yes, but I think most people aren’t actively looking for indie titles. I often come across completely amazed that someone brings it up in person or I’m introduced in a random Youtube video or meme, or because I saw them at such an event.

I was pleasantly surprised a few times to see some small, little-known titles for the first time at E3, titles I didn’t see much after that and never would have. :)


@Lt. Kraken There’s no arguing about taste, but for example BF2042 is very low in the ratings for good reasons, it doesn’t fulfill a word, performance is still bad, levels are still empty, glitches are still everywhere, and matchmaking takes longer. Back in the day you are often thrown into matches that are winding down and/or on a heavy losing team, there is still very little work done on points mooted and still a short term vision of how you want to handle it.

I had a great time with it myself, but I certainly won’t pretend that the big picture really shows a great game from a great developer. My personal experience is a scanty 7, my objective experience is no more than a 2. The people you talk to about 2042 are most likely players in it, it’s hard to get objective opinions from the people in your “bubble”. ;)

Keep in mind that these types of ratings are less common with smaller (indie) titles anyway, no drama (from the past) = more objective ratings. This is a budget AAA title from Here to Tokyo, which had a marketing budget that reached the moon. You’re right that people are / get angry when in no way is it true. : s)

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If you want to cite AAA games, cite Cyberpunk 2077 and No Man’s Sky launch errors. Both games were in a deep red right after launch, both games hit the full 180 and now score really excellent/above.

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