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iFixit will be on sale this summer with Steam Deck parts. An employee of the repair company confirmed this to The Verge. Interested parties can register to be notified as soon as spare parts become available.

You can register Via iFixit As a specific date has not yet been announced. An official list of future spare parts has not yet been released. Male LED in his teardown video As of last October, it became possible to use thumb sticks and SSDs.

iFixit repair company launched in February His teardown video in which the portable Steam Deck has been manually disassembled. In it, the company confirmed that the portable device has seamless thumb sticks and can be removed with three screws. iFixit also confirmed that the internal M.2 SSD is relatively easy to replace.

According to the repair company, replacing the battery was more difficult. This is partly due to the battery being tightly glued on, but also due to some of the slots in the Steam Deck frame located just below the battery. These openings can allow droplets of alcohol to pass through; A commonly used substance to melt the adhesive that holds the battery in place. The repair company gave Steam Deck a repair score of 7 out of 10.

Valve released the Steam Deck on February 25th. Tweakers Books Mobile device review Then I judged that a mobile device has a lot of potential. With the software still having a lot of quirks, Tweakers considered the device as a handheld tweaker.

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