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Some iPhones that have a battery replaced with a non-original battery cannot be updated. This was reported by repair website iFixit. Apple has yet to respond to the apparent ban on updates.

iPhone: Unable to check for update. Source: iFixit

Apple customers experiencing this issue are experiencing update verification failure, iFixit reports. The message seems to indicate that the phone is not connected to the Internet, even though it is. The issue initially only occurred in European models of iPhone, but iFixit is now also seeing it in the US.

So far, the issues only occur with iPhone 11 and later. Apple is telling affected customers that they “should have made their repairs through Apple.” This is difficult for many customers, because repairs performed by Apple are often more expensive and the necessary stores are not located nearby. Battery replacement is one of the most common repairs.

It is not known why Apple imposed the blockade. Hardware manufacturers often put blocks in place for third-party repairs of their phones, including tightly taping the batteries, notifications in the software and deactivating important functions such as the screen’s automatic white balance or Face ID.

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