“ I save 1,200 euros every month.

`` I save 1,200 euros every month.

How much money is in your savings account? We order a different Dutch every week. Because although we talk more and more about money, we never talk about how much we earn and save. This week: Peter, 34, puts aside at least €1,200 a month into a savings account at another bank.

profession: Analyst in a medical laboratory
net income: with a minimum of 2,300 euros (due to irregular services, this is added between 100 and 400 euros per month)
living situation: Owner occupied home

Boutros Savings Account

Tell me, how much is in your savings account?

“At the moment there are 31,000 euros on it.”

Are you happy with that?

“I have enough maintenance to maintain my car, house, etc. And because my car is not even four years old, it’s not a big expense yet. Recent fuel prices have prompted me to go to work by bike. It turns out that this is a win-win situation: less fuel consumption A gym membership is no longer required.”

How much do you save per month?

“I save the irregular hours allowance that I get every month anyway. In addition, I also save 1,200 euros of basic salary.”

You can save a significant amount, has this always been the case?

“Since I started working, I consciously put money aside. We didn’t have much at home, so I know what money can do—or lose.”

Have you ever withdrawn money from your savings account?

“I have a savings account with another bank (LeasePlanBank) and my checking account with Rabobank. The latter contains a small amount to pay for the necessary things, if I don’t have enough in the checking account. When I receive my salary again, this savings account will also be replenished immediately.

The other savings account is for holidays, home maintenance, a new car, etc. I also hold back for future home renovations, among other things I want to make it gas-free.”

Why did you choose a savings account with another bank?

Years ago, I opened an account with LeasePlanBank, because it was a free savings account then (and still is) with the highest interest. On top of that, they pay interest every month, so my savings are growing every month.

In addition, the funds are also less visible, which means that I arrive less quickly.”

Do you consider yourself good with money?

“Yes, in the supermarket, for example, I pay attention to offers. I am not loyal to the brand, but I am loyal to offers and prices. I am also against food waste from supermarkets (and other stores). at a discount.

I often read here that people budget and keep home books. I will never do that again. I know what my monthly costs are. In addition, I commit to saving X amount every six months.

At the end of the year, I often switch to another, cheaper health insurance company. Hereby I will pay attention to whether I can pay annually. This often results in a 1 to 2 percent discount on the annuity and I no longer have those monthly costs. My year-end bonus is well spent that way.”

Are you saving mainly on expenses or on things like clothes and tools?

“I’m not just saving on expenses. Clothing stores, for example, have margins over seventy percent. Here, too: a good quality offer and you’ll use it for years. Second-hand stores or clothing exchanges also make a huge difference in costs.”

What do you want to change in your financial situation?

“It is very expensive to make a home more sustainable. That is why I would like to have more savings.”

What is your best financial advice?

“Look for offers in stores, take a good look at your subscriptions and contact the companies for a discount to stay. Don’t they give that discount? Then go to the competitor and save a few dozen a month, which you put back into your savings account.”

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