“I came across the undergraduate program last weekend and asked him the question” | TV thermometer

“I came across the undergraduate program last weekend and asked him the question” |  TV thermometer

After eleven weeks and nineteen participants, there are suddenly only three loving girls left. The answer to the simple question “Which of the three?” I feel like it could literally go either way. Let’s be honest. Although the outcome of these finalists is of course obvious already from the first episode, it actually only gets really exciting from now on.

Emotional roller coaster

The last episode of The great conclusion It was once dominated by the remaining ladies, rather than the bachelor Himself† Suddenly, Inez, one of Inge’s best friends, starts running. The one that Inge abandoned by the way, so who can now also come and help her with this emotional rollercoaster. Because if anyone has been experiencing psychological difficulties in recent weeks, it’s Angie. Then Brett, the blond version of Meryl, walks around the corner. I thought for a moment that Maureen’s brother was next, but one of her best friends had flown in as well. thank god, That the three girls can finally talk to someone about Thomas who not He aimed his arrows at him.

Now it’s Thomas’ turn to fight through this new polling booth. Then three more times. Angie and her friend started. baking utensils. What a horrible activity! Did the creators forget that this was her last chance to win Thomas for herself? Then prefer to sit somewhere on the tropical beach or with a homemade cocktail at the lovely beach bar. After all, I’m still in sunny Mexico.

Neon Green Thong Bikini

Where I instantly think “how embarrassing” is on a date with your best friend – because I don’t know how to sign up?! – I suddenly saw the advantages of Inez and Inge. She can ask him questions that she does not dare to ask. Van Inge can of course let the other women go home. In short, the battle broke out.

Maureen and Tim go to eat with Thomas the next morning. Thomas also doubts whether it is family or not. There may be a difference in the date. So that’s what I mean! I feel more and more sorry for Angie. Standing on a paddle board on a clear blue lake with a clear blue sky as the background, no one can compete with the pottery. Maureen is smart and pulls her bikini out of her travel bag. I also clearly thought, “This is my last chance to impress the Bachelor.”

dance chair

While Tim feels right to leave Maureen and Thomas alone for a while – 1 on 1 moments are of course sporadic and they really are the ones who finally need to get to know each other better – Brett plans to send Meryl away. This seems like a very strange tactic to me. It’s still Meryl who has to tell Thomas that she loves him! As if at the end of the program you will suddenly put an end to this love, because it does not quite match the perfect image of best friend fulfilled.

Quickly results in a kind of musical chair on the picnic blanket, while very uncomfortable Triple date Van Merrill, Brett, BS. But Merrill first gets some golf lessons. Nice cliched, but the trick of course is to play as badly as possible, courting Meryl of course realized that long ago. A good excuse for physical contact.

tile wisdom

A joint lunch is planned for the next and last day. The tension will, of course, go away and no one will get a stung in the throat. And does not breathe. The Bachelor tries to spark another conversation, but Thomas guess what? Girls have long known that you divided roses. It’s as if they’re still talking about the weather. You’ll say he learned one thing from past cocktail parties.

Merrill is the first to receive a rose, or invitation to a 24-hour event. Unfortunately, it was Inge who let Thomas go – with obvious pain and effort. Surprisingly, it is he who cannot hold back his tears, and Engi hears the bad news with dry eyes. She is especially relieved to be freed from eternal doubt and tension. But you can see that it clearly affects Thomas. Unfortunately, he did not feel any tension from the kiss, even if she still touched him with her looks and wise words. “To be able to be the wind in someone’s back, but also to be able to face it.” Well, in my opinion, let Inge be the best who can carry out this court wisdom with Thomas.


But reckless Thomas has chosen adventure and 22-year-old Maureen can join us final date† She’s a sensitive person, again you never saw him coming. But then a fatal error occurs. Welcome to production! where are you?! Then your best friend flew to Mexico and Merrill took care of and comfort poor Angie, a person with a rose. You bunch of sadists!

Next week dates the 24 hour and grand finale. Although many viewers were sure that Meryl would win, I began to doubt. Coincidence or not, but I came across BA in person at a festival last weekend. Yes really! Before I knew it, I would pull his arm and ask the question unabashedly: “Hey, where’s Meryl?” No idea if he’s gotten that original comment all day or if he’s a good actor, but his honesty “I really have no idea” made me doubt again…

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