Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida, storm surge measured at 3.6 meters

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida, storm surge measured at 3.6 meters

Ian made landfall in the United States on Wednesday on Cayo Costa, off the coast of Fort Myers, west of the US state of Florida. The National Hurricane Center in Miami has again warned of the extraordinary danger posed by Ian, who has been classified as the second most intense Category 4. NHC meteorologists reported wind gusts of more than 150 miles per hour, devastating rain and treacherous sea conditions. with high tides. Conditions can be “life-threatening,” the NHC warns.

Videos are now emerging from coastal communities where Ian made landfall in West Florida. Footage shared by the Naples Fire Department shows firefighters standing in water up to their waists. WINK TV’s TV studio in Fort Myers was flooded, interrupting the local broadcaster’s coverage around 5 p.m. The Washington Post Storm surge in Fort Myers was reported to be 2.1 meters high.

In Collier County, south of Ian’s landslide, many people were trapped in their homes by rising waters, a police spokesman said. The emergency center receives a ‘significant number’ of calls. Emergency services are asking citizens to be patient and not try to rescue others, especially with their own boats and cars. Many die as power lines fall and rising water electrocutes people after hurricanes, officials insist.

DeSantis said 250 planes and helicopters, 1,600 vehicles and 300 boats were ready to help the public as soon as possible. DeSantis said rescue workers would begin a massive rescue operation to help the affected public in flooded areas as soon as it dawned on Florida on Thursday morning (local time).

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