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Humane has released a wearable AI assistant called AI Pin. The device costs $699 in the US, with a $24 per month LTE subscription. Nothing is known yet about its availability in Benelux.

the pin ai It is a device without a screen that can be attached to the user’s clothing in different ways. The main part of the device measures 47.5 x 44.5 x 14.98 mm and weighs over 34 grams. In addition, a slightly thinner battery can be magnetically attached to the other side of the garment. The gadget contains a 13-megapixel camera, two microphones, a touchpad, a projector, and a “light bar” with three RGB LEDs; These are the different ways in which the user interacts with the device. It is powered by an unknown Snapdragon SoC with a clock speed of 2.1GHz.

Furthermore, AI Pin uses its own cellular connection offered in the US by T-Mobile. This connection allows users with a separate phone number to call, text, and connect to the Internet and GPS through the gadget. In this way, Humane supports many AI functions based on… Large linguistic models. According to Wired Humane used OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology for the AI ​​Mic function, but the company itself doesn’t provide any details about the underlying technology. However, users should be able to perform an unlimited number of Internet searches and store media via Microsoft’s cloud service. Humane has its own web application for displaying data called .Center.

Users can use the tool like other smart assistants, which in this case does not require a smartphone. Through the microphone, after activation with the touchpad, they can enter call requests, AI searches and conversations for translation. The AI ​​Pin can respond via speaker, projector, and LED lights. For example, different colors of lights give an indication of the type of data being collected, such as speech or image. Humane also says users can view food items on the tool to request nutritional information. The camera can also be used to take photos.

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