Human review – past, present and future

Human review - past, present and future


French Amplitude studios made a good 4X game with humanity that looks a lot like its biggest competitor, but has enough face to earn its own spot. The game is well laid out. The most important features are the division into different eras, the stars of the era to be obtained and the temporary change of culture. Amplitude brought straightforward gameplay mechanics to the game, backed by an equally straightforward interface. It makes humanity a great game to start with the well-known 4X genre. However, not all is well. Hand-to-hand combat is a bit confusing, the last era is full of new options that don’t come out well and many environmental influences have been mentioned but not well executed. Fortunately, these are things that are still best resolved by an update.

French Amplitude Studios have never been secretive about the source of mustard. The founders are big fans of 4X-Games Especially Sid Meier’s Civilization games. The endless games the studio has released so far are 4X’s and Amplitude has always indicated that it wants to make Civilization a real contender one day. That opportunity came after publisher Sega took over the studio in 2016. That paved the way for humanity, Amplitude Studios’ most ambitious project to date. The Human Race is a game based on its Endless series, but it’s also very similar to the illustrious example.

For example, the human race does not have the space or the fictional setting of Endless Games, but the historical framework that we know from Civ. Just like in the Meier games, you start in the distant past and end in the near future. We already have preview From the published game, but it might be a good idea The basics as soon as possible. In the human race, you begin with a single scout in what has been called the Neolithic. You start on a randomly generated world map that is divided into different continents and where the majority of the map is hidden under a thick layer fog of war. The playing field is divided into hexagonal tiles.


As you walk over those hex tiles with your scouts, you’ll soon notice that more civilizations have also sent scouts. This immediately begins the competition around which humanity revolves. You can choose how you want to shape the civilization you are about to start. Will you emphasize military might, culture, science, religion, commerce, diplomacy, or a little everything? It’s exactly the trade-off you know from the average 4X game.

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