Huge crowds, Rowwen Hèze of Noordwijk enjoy the closing party | 1 Limburg

Huge crowds, Rowwen Hèze of Noordwijk enjoy the closing party |  1 Limburg

For over ten years they have been attending the last concerts of Rowen Hayes: John Mariget and his group of friends from Noordwijk. It is one of the highlights of the year for the group.

Also this weekend they will be present both evenings in the tent at Peelheideweg in America.

sleeping place
The men from Noordwijk spend the night at Lei Coppes in Grubbenvorst. “During our first meeting at Randstad, Lei told us about our love for Rowwen Hèze. Then he offered us a place to sleep during our recent concerts,” says Marijt.

The group has been sleeping in Grubbenvorst for years on the first weekend of November. Lei himself will be sleeping on the sofa this weekend. “The whole hut is full of men,” he explains. “They sleep everywhere.”

For love
In the 1990s, Nordwijk residents developed a penchant for the American dialect band. Mercht: “My brother-in-law let me hear a CD. We played it regularly in the beach suite in Noordwijk. At the end of the 90s, the band played in our area. Then my brother-in-law and I went to have a look and were immediately sold out.”

delicious treat
She visits the Noordwijk group of friends so often that a friendship has developed with the band members. Marit gives them a delicious dessert every year. “I always serve herring. I give it to them after the party with a nice beer. Jack Boyles is totally excited. He even eats three or four herrings.”

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