Huawei launches foldable smartphone with politically sensitive social media handles – Tablets & Phones – News

What I find funny, or actually sad, about @Dick Ravestein’s response is that they are two sides of the same worthless coin.

Either America is corrupt, or China is corrupt, or it is right and America protects us, or it is wrong and America deceives us.

While I think there is one clear conclusion to be drawn,
They both (all) shit.

China is not holy at all, and what is happening there is completely inhumane. If we impose Western morality there when we restore democracy, we have now seen for the tenth time that things do not work that way at all.

But the United States also does not wage wars under false pretenses in the hope that another regime will be more disposed toward us and therefore willing to provide oil or gas at cheaper prices. (or any other raw material).

But of course you have to choose a side! but? The whole trade ban against China is just plain protectionism, as you obviously don’t want to take on certain companies (run by a certain regime) in very sensitive circumstances (think data centers where high quality technical secrets are kept). Where government data is processed…but the question is whether you should want that from Americans.

This doesn’t make China likable, far from it, and it pretty much doesn’t want “junk” on the European market at all, but this raid on Chinese companies and products also has a huge hypocrisy factor. It cannot be ignored. It must be closed before.

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