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HTC teased the arrival of HTC Vive glasses, although the image still shows very little of the headphones. It will be a “mini” headset. It may be the successor to the HTC Vive Flow, which is already somewhat smaller than most XR headphones.

Photo: HTC

On Twitter, the HTC Vive account Post a teaser image for a future product. The company confirms on UploadVR It’s a headphone. Remarkably, “virtual reality” is not mentioned. It might be a mixed reality headset instead. In this case, augmented reality can play a role through pass throughas with Recently released Pico 4 From ByteDance.

The joint photo reads: “Go young or go home.” The company appears to be stating that these VR headsets are smaller than other HTC Vive headsets. HTC’s responses to the tweet also indicate that the company is working on a “mini” headset. This device is likely a successor to the HTC Vive Flow, which is generally a somewhat smaller pair of glasses.

It is not known when more information about the upcoming HTC Vive glasses will be released. However, it is a busy period in the field of extended reality products. In addition to the recently released Pico 4, the Meta’s “high-end” VR glasses were revealed on October 11. In addition, the successor to The Sony PSVR headset is expected to appear early next year.

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