How to organize an eventful vacation in Dubai and not go broke

What associations do you have with the word Dubai? Amazing architecture, great travel, the best excursions, impressive innovative technologies? Or wealth, luxury, fabulous prices? Both the first and the second are true. But we want to surprise you: you can save money in Dubai!

Of course, it’s always up to you, choosing the most luxurious hotels or cheaper options, booking excursions in advance and getting discounts or making spontaneous decisions, renting budget cats or hiring lambo at the best rental services. However, renting a vehicle can provide you freedom to move everywhere and to enjoy even the most hidden destinations. Thanks to a huge selection of package offers, coupons, vouchers, and a traveler’s card, a vacation in the UAE can be budget-friendly. There are various options: discount systems, “passes” for transport, and free excursions.


There are various types of public transport in Dubai: metro, and trams (including water), which make up an extensively developed network. To pay for travel in all types of transport (and in some cases – for parking), you should use the Nol Card. You can buy it and top up the balance at vending machines or ticket offices.

Such a card for some categories implies discounts: it costs twice as much for students to travel with it, and for disabled people, it is completely free. Important: at the end of the trip, you need to make a checkout – bring the Nol Card to the reader, otherwise funds will be debited from it, more than the required ones. Also, the official RTA carrier has developed applications for mobile phones that plan the route and make travel plans.

The Entertainer Book

Entertainer Book will allow you not to limit yourself to entertainment and visiting restaurants. With this discount “book” with coupons, entertainment is available at half price. The principle of operation: “buy one – get one free”. That is, “buy one, and get the second one for free.” For example, you bought one entrance ticket to the museum, and you got the second one as a gift.

In the past, it was a weighty book. Now there is also a mobile application, which is very convenient.

More than 3,000 well-known establishments take part in the project (and this number continues to grow): bars, cafes, restaurants, dolphinariums, water parks, attractions, museums, shops, spas, and amusement parks. It also applies to some cruises and excursions.


Sightseeing tours are a great opportunity to get to know Dubai. It is even more pleasant to do this when the tour is free.

For example, a free walking tour of the center of Dubai is held every day. It lasts about two hours and is conducted in English. You can also visit a free sightseeing tour of historical sites, its subject: the history of the state, duration: 1.5 hours; language – English.

The Jumeirah Mosque is the largest in the country, a wonderful illustration of Arab religious architecture. It is open to visitors even to those who do not profess Islam.

As in Shanghai, Las Vegas, Paris, Rome and many megacities with a huge number of attractions, Dubai has its map for travelers.

It is called the Dubai Pass and gives you the right to visit free or discounted places favored by tourists. You can also travel with her for free on public transport, and also offer interesting excursions and sightseeing routes.

Free Wi-Fi

There are “smart palm trees” in parks and on beaches that provide free Wi-Fi. Their radius of action is 100 meters.

You can also use Smart Palms to recharge your gadgets. In addition, they have a built-in panel from which you can get information about the weather, news, and attractions.

The UAE is a Muslim country, so the rules here are harsh, and they should be followed implicitly. To avoid punishment, you should know the prohibitions in force in the Emirates.

It is strictly forbidden:

  • to drink and smoke, including electronic cigarettes, in public places throughout the Emirates;
  • you can not throw garbage on the ground;
  • men should not show excessive attention to Arab women (this applies even to a look or gesture);
  • women’s clothes should cover their shoulders and knees (this does not apply to beaches or areas near swimming pools);
  • stowaway travel in transport is punishable by a fine;
  • on metro trains, you can’t sleep on another passenger’s shoulder.

Not recommended:

  • ride in a taxi without specifying the amount in advance or without turning on the meter;
  • even hint or joke about homosexual orientation;
  • with caution, you should shoot videos or take photos of residents;
  • swearing in public places.

Now you know how to save money in Dubai, and know about the best deals and burning tours. Have a nice trip!

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