January 27, 2023

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How to find a temporary job in the United States?

(CNN Espanol) – United States It has a long history of importing temporary foreign workers as needed in the past to deal with the wartime U.S. labor shortage.

In 2020, The State Department says the H-2 program is essential to the US economy and food security and that national security is a priority.

Currently, the North American country issues thousands of H-2 visas to inexperienced or non-professional workers to do temporary work in sectors such as agriculture (seasonality), livestock production, construction, meat and seafood. Processing, among other things.

The H-2 visa type is divided into two types of visas:

More access to temporary jobs

At the end of July 2021, Administration by Joe Biden He outlined the next steps to achieve the immigration system with “humanitarian” policies such as upgrading Rapid deportation of people coming to the border, Consider asylum applications more efficiently and expand access to temporary work visas in the region.

Similarly, the administration says it is “exploring ways to improve access to H-2A visas for temporary farm workers” until there are enough qualified U.S. workers to fill these vacancies.

Among the targets set in July, the Biden administration said it would encourage other governments to facilitate access to “meaningful temporary work” and promised to reduce the backlog of applications. Visa for National Immigrants from the Northern Triangle.

Temporary work visas in the United States

May 17, 2018 Women collect crabs at WT Ruark Seafood Company on Hoopers Island, Maryland. Due to a new lottery system this year, many seafood companies have not obtained temporary H-2B visas for the majority of their Mexican employees, who have been coming to the East Coast of Maryland for more than two decades to pick up the crab meat they are selling. Sold in restaurants and shops on the East Coast. (Photo by Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Unlike the H-2B visa, which has an annual limit of 66,000, the H-2A visa for agricultural workers is not subject to any numerical limits.

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In fact, The Visa H-2A This is the only type of visa that has increased emissions in five years. According to the data Department of Labor (DOL), the United States issued a total of 134,368 H-2A visas in 2016 and 213,394 visas in 2020, an increase of 62%.

The most common jobs for those with H-2A status by 2020 are conducted by farm workers and day laborers, farm equipment operators and farm workers for farm animals, livestock and aquatic animals.

Despite the 66,000 limit for H-2B visas, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Labor (DOL) An additional increase to a maximum of 22,000 additional visas Until the end of fiscal year 2021 “to ensure that American businesses are equipped with the resources necessary to successfully recover and contribute to the economic health of local communities.” Marked by DHS.

Of the 22,000 additional visas, 16,000 are for workers who have obtained a H-2B visa or have H-2B status in one of the last three fiscal years. The other 6,000 are set aside for temporary non-agricultural workers from the northern triangle of Central America (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador) in fiscal 2021.

By 2020, the United States had issued a total of 65,716 H-2B visas, mostly occupied by gardeners, forest workers and butchers.

Countries with the highest number of H-2B visas were 74.7% in Mexico, 8.9% in Jamaica and 2.7% in Guatemala. According to a report United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

How to find a temporary job in the United States?

Victor Hernandez, who is in the United States on an H-2A guest labor visa, is with Sorrells Brothers Baking Co., Inc. (Photo by Joe Radley / Getty Images)

You can see it on the DOL website Temporary jobs are available In the United States, its description, duration, location, fees and contact. However, the website is only available in English.

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“Workers can enter their job class and employers looking for workers in that category can apply or contact their employer in the United States,” immigration lawyer Jeff Joseph explained to CNN.

Upon obtaining employment from the employer, prospective workers outside the United States must apply for an H-2A or H-2B visa (after USCIS approves their Form I-129) at the US Embassy or Consulate. Finally, they must apply to the United States for permission to enter the country.

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