‘How?! Leave your baby for a year to get a new breast | show

'How?!  Leave your baby for a year to get a new breast |  show

AD Media podcastLinda de Mol is back on TV and how. With an emotional opening presentation, the Grand Lady of Television once again showed what a professional she is and that presenting is a profession. And that was the weekend when Rob Kempes took home honors for the first time I love Holland. There is a plate AD Media podcastOnce on Monday, of course something like that.

In addition, the TV season is now already underway and all channels are being checked. Who got off to a good start in the first week and what was the disappointing channel? Jinek took gold in terms of talk show numbers. The NPO drops through the ice on Sunday evening, but the RTL is also disappointing. Is SBS the third smiling?

In addition to the aforementioned Linda de Mol, a new reality show has also started there year of your lifeForty candidates compete for one million euros. The Commission asks: Shouldn’t these people be protected from themselves? ‘How?! Leave your baby for a year to get a new breast!

Furthermore, new 3FM programming is in the radio corner. An astonishing number of 538 DJs are switching over to the public channel. Angela puts adColleague Eos – with some trepidation – in her shop window and media journalist Dennis Janssen looks for reaction from Antoinette Herzenberg about the decline radar to NPO2.

I listen! To the weekly AD Media Podcast, in which TV columnist Angela De Young and reporters Dennis Jansen and Mark Den Blanken discuss all the major, peripheral and side issues in media. The show is in the hands of Manuel Venderbus. Do you prefer to use your favorite podcast apps via spotify or An apple? And that can! Find all of our podcasts at ad.nl/podcasts.

year of your life

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