How are things going with Ik Vertrek’s Wesseloo family’s Spanish dream?

How are things going with Ik Vertrek's Wesseloo family's Spanish dream?

The Wesseloo family travels to Spain to run their campsite. There is still a lot to be built for this and it just won’t quite work. The bureaucracy throws a spanner in the works and that still seems to be the case. Birgitta says on the AVROTROS website that the camp site still does not exist and that they are not in a hurry as far as they are concerned.

“We’re just busy with other things right now. For example, with our finca renovating. We moved in October last year and it’s not finished yet. We started with a house without a kitchen, without a bathroom, there were not even any windows in…a real ruin.” While Ton is busy with the finca, Birgitta is self-employed. She works remotely for a Dutch company and is responsible for sales and service in her position.

The family is having a good time in Spain. “We are fully integrated into village life and even take part in Moros y Cristianos. A typical Spanish local celebration, where we take part in the procession and traditions. We also try to make time for (Spanish) friends, with z Play a round of golf and enjoy a nice dinner, go to the beach or explore Spain more.”

Birgitta expects to be busy renovating and expanding the finca in the coming years. “I don’t really know if we’ll continue to work on the camp site in five years. It will stay on the agenda. We now occasionally have two self-contained campers at the finca, so we’re a bit busy with it.”

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Watch the episode with the Wesseloo family here behind.

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