How are Jean and Ellie doing after the anti-social neighbors’ feud at Mr. Frank Visser?

How are Jean and Ellie doing after the anti-social neighbors' feud at Mr.  Frank Visser?

Victor Brand went to Helmond in the first episode of the new season, where Jan and Ellie came close to desperation. Since they moved into Residence Brouwhorst a year ago, their neighbor Peter has ruined their enjoyment of life. He was frightening, threatening and scolded. And now it’s totally over Jan and Ellie. They ask their neighbor to leave. They can’t do that with Mr. Visser, he enforces the “rules of the game” to bring peace to the tent again.

But did that work? reporter from Eindhoven Dagblad Went to see Jean and Ellie.

The good news is that things have calmed down at the complex since the shooting last December. The bad news is that Peter, whom the living want him to leave as soon as possible, is still living there. “We tried it this way. The recordings happened in December, but this guy still lives there. Three parties have now called up Woonpartners, and the company has to fire this couple.”

They hope the company takes action quickly, or else “something will go wrong.” An attempt is now being made through the court to enforce the eviction.

You can learn more about the antisocial neighbors conflict in the video below.

Mr. Frank Visser makes a statement It can be watched every Thursday at 8.30pm on SBS6. Watch this week’s episode here Back.

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