House of Representatives in low parking rates for electric cars

House of Representatives in low parking rates for electric cars

Amending the Municipalities Law is a legacy of the previous cabinet. Rutte III, for example, wanted to encourage driving an electric car. However, parking rates are set by municipalities. Therefore, it is necessary to amend the Municipal Law first.

Climate Agreement Agreements

Today in the debate on the law amendment, D66 Representative Lisa Van Jenken said that the D66, like today’s absent Cristinoni and Groen Links, supports the change. He added that “the amendment of the law helps municipalities to provide clean air and contributes to the sale of electric cars.” This means that agreements to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the climate agreement must be met.

But that argument convinced a few parties in the House debate this afternoon. Even the coalition parties VVD and CDA oppose it. Striking because Secretary of State Vivian Heijnin, who is handling the proposal, is from the CDA’s house.


PVV, SP, DENK and SGP are also vocal opponents of change. PVV Representative Barry Madeliner called it a “terrible plan”. “Tesla drivers are already receiving more than enough benefits, such as subsidizing their car purchase and subsidizing solar panels.”

DENK described the feature for people who own an electric car as the plan’s biggest problem. “A- Solidarity and anti-social,” said Stefan van Barley, MP for Dink. Moreover, the municipalities will not wait for him at all. “We don’t feel like letting expensive cars park for free,” the SGP said.

do not worry

Secretary of State Heijinen does not personally vote against amending the law. “I came from local politics,” she said when asked to withdraw the proposal. “In Maastricht we have never been afraid to put forward a motion as council and hear from the city council what they think of the motion. My job is to make sure that the majority of members of Parliament support the climate agreement, you will look at how to offer differentiated rates for electric parking in the municipalities. Hence my job It’s to bring that to the House. And then, it’s up to the House to find something about this, but I’ve done a good job.”

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