Horror & Madness: Five Spooky Halloween Movies | show

Horror & Madness: Five Spooky Halloween Movies |  show

Viewing TipsHalloween is approaching: time for a healthy dose of horror. Film reporter Gudo Tienhooven handpicked five demand tips videos, and picked titles that could also surprise a veteran horror fanatic.

hereditary (video country)

This well-established horror story knows how to give cliched horror a new twist in a masterful way. The Graham family’s grandmother may have passed away, but it still casts a shadow over the family. Their peaceful existence ends abruptly when terror takes over their home. It would be a shame to reveal more here. hereditary Depends heavily on the performance of Toni Collette (The Sixth SenseSlowly escalating Mother Ellen’s hysteria like a Formula 1 car.

Moloch (Amazon Prime Video)

Not only is it on the Dutch border, it’s also not safe in and around the Drenthe peat bog. In one of the most beautiful scenes, an interested resident stretches thin wires with bubbles between trees in a nearby forest. The first episode in the dark is still far away, but the voices are getting louder. Who or what is imprisoned? Molochwhere actress Sally Harmson as Petrick tries to figure out what role her family’s history plays within an “urban legend,” is a direct hit, particularly in terms of atmosphere.


Moloch. © Splendid / Boris Suyderhoud

under the shade (Netflix)

In horror films, women are often put into isolated situations just to be presented as straightforward objects. in Iran under the shade Being alone in his master’s house is terrifying. It’s the late ’80s and the war with Iraq reaches his residential area. Her husband had to fight at the front and she – also because she was once politically active – had better stay hidden with her daughter. And then the ghosts still have to show themselves. Class horror with the current socially critical sauce.

men (Amazon Prime Video)

All men are worthless. Kind of cute, but that’s actually the best way to capture the essence of this horror movie. The way it is packaged is less clear. Harper (Jessie Buckley) is the classic woman who “goes to the country to deal with trauma.” Solo of course. If only for our satisfactory happiness when I noticed something was wrong in the British village where you temporarily live. ultimate men So crazy that you really have to put yourself together afterwards.

his house (Netflix)

This hidden gem on Netflix about a couple who escaped the misery of South Sudan to be allocated a home in a deprived area of ​​England, proves that the horror genre offers more than hindrances these days. Putting yourself in a strange environment where you are constantly being looked at is really difficult. The couple also suffers from the loss of their daughter, although she apparently wishes to be reunited with her parents in the form of an evil spirit. Horror and emotion fuse beautifully.

his house

his house © Netflic

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