Homophobia or humor? Reactions to the rumor of Rob Gettin, the Minister of Defense

Homophobia or humor?  Reactions to the rumor of Rob Gettin, the Minister of Defense

The formation of the government is over, the coalition agreement is ready and soon the time will come to divide the ministries. DD6’er Rob Jetten is mentioned as Secretary of Defense, who has yet to confirm anything. On Twitter, people are collectively reacting to this speculation. Unfortunately, this also includes homophobic reactions, but Rob Jetten himself takes these reactions mathematically.

In defense of the podcast Delta Tango by telegraphIt was already discussed on Wednesday. Although the division of departments is far from reformed, rumors about new ministers are already circulating. In the podcast, Defense Correspondent Olof van Goulen says he has heard from colleagues in The Hague that the D66 is asking for a department in the foreign/defense field. The first name I heard was Deputy MP Salima Belhaj. Rob Gettin.

Rob Gettin the new defense minister?

To the surprise of co-host Sylvain Schoonhoven. “Rob Gettin?” Van Goulen understands this surprise and believes that Getten can still face a “difficult” situation within the defense organization. Especially since the armed forces themselves would like to see a former soldier in that position. But he also believes that Jetten is skilled and capable of solving major problems within the Department of Defense.

People are already sharing their opinions about these rumors on Twitter. Although some Twitter has expressed their praise for Jetten, not everyone endorses the D66 member. It also led to a wave of anti-gay backlash on the social media platform. In the tweets, the politician’s orientation is often mentioned, and some tweeters mock him.

Anti-gay reactions on Twitter

Although the anti-gay reactions on Twitter cannot escape your notice, many Twitter users also express concerns about these voices. They say the politician’s orientation should not play a role. Although some can also see the humor in some of the tweets.

Rob Gettin replies

Rob Gettin himself responded to all the hype in his own way. And many amplifiers can appreciate this. It is still unknown whether he will become Minister of Defense or not.

Speculations about the new ministers are in full swing. It is now known that the Minister of Corona Hugo de Jonge Not to become Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports again. There has also been quite a buzz on social media about his successor. For example, names such as former hospital director Marcel Levy, corona expert Ernst Kuipers and D66 member Jan Paternott were among his potential successors.

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Homophobia or humor? Twitter collectively responds to rumor of Rob Gaten as Secretary of Defense

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