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Homeworld 3 won’t be released in the last quarter of this year, but in the first half of next year. Deferral ensures that the ‘developer’s commitment to quality’ is maintained, but also can happen in a ‘sustainable manner’.

By the latter, Gearbox Publishing and developer Blackbird Interactive supposedly imply that the so-called crushExceptionally long work weeks can be avoided for a certain period of time. This is a known and regularly occurring issue in the gaming industry.

The two sides promised Furthermore, the “biggest look at the game yet” will be done at the upcoming Gamecom trade show, which will be held in August. So far, only highly-guided in-engine footage has been shown from Homeworld 3 and no actual gameplay is unpolished with an interface, for example, as it will appear in the final product.

Homeworld 3 launched on crowdfunding platform Fig, in 2019. There, $1.5 million was raised for the game, although the goal was dollars, so the game was actually made regardless of the amount. Thus, the fig served as a pre-order platform. People with a pre-order can also let us know what they want to see in the game.

Homeworld 3 will be an RTS game just like its predecessors. This game, developed by Blackbird Interactive, should take place in space, just like the first parts in the series. The game retains the same 3D combat and RTS elements as the original Homeworld games of the turn of the century. The story will also move where Homeworld 2 ended. Space rts is famous for its 3D spaceship battles; So the ships can move in the spherical field and attack from all sides. Homeworld 1 and 2 are developed by Relic Entertainment. In 2015, Gearbox also released Homeworld Remastered.

Pictures shown during The Game Awards 2021

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