Holland concerts Zingt Hazes will continue next month | to watch

Holland concerts Zingt Hazes will continue next month |  to watch

The Netherlands Zingt Hazes concerts will continue next month. A MediaLane spokesperson informs the National Ports Agency upon request. The spokeswoman can only say anything about whether Andre Hazes, who indicated last month that he suffers from fatigue, is also present again.

According to Albert Verlind, the singer almost certainly could not be there. Here’s what the music producer said last night during Show news. Andre was rarely seen in public since he was known to take a break. Rumors circulate about the singer who is said to be living in his mother’s garage and is separated from his girlfriend Sarah, with whom he started a relationship at the beginning of this year. However, Sarah’s stepfather referred those rumors to the realm of superstition. ‘With their relationship Nothing is wrongsaid in Spread.

Already told Jeroen van der Bom Show news I really hope Andrei will participate. “But we’re creative enough when the quantum has to be adapted.”

The Netherlands Zingt Hazes is one of the biggest annual singing parties in the Netherlands, where the songs of André Hazes Sr. centralization. Under the leadership of André Hazes, Jeroen van der Boom, and Roxeanne Hazes, several artists join in to sing. Upcoming concerts are scheduled for November 5 and 6 at the Ziggo Dome. In 2022, a series of concerts will also be held in honor of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Netherlands Zingt Hazes.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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