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IOI Interactive announces new content for Hitman 3 and comes with a set of three games. The Hitman 3D bundle will be released on January 20 and will also be available with a Microsoft Game Pass subscription. The Steam version will get the VR option on the same date.

The bundle is officially called Hitman Trilogy and contains Hitman 1, 2, and 3. The set will be available for PC on the Epic Games Store and on Steam. There will also be versions for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S. PC and Xbox versions will also be added to Microsoft Game Pass subscriptions.

With the introduction of the Hitman Trilogy, the previously announced VR mode also appears. This allows all levels of Hitman 1, 2, and 3 to be played in VR. In an announcement from IOI Interactive It states that VR mode works with the PC version. This may apply to versions on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Games in Microsoft Store VR are not supported.

The PC version will also receive support for ray tracing and advanced Intel XeSS technology, but this will happen later in 2022. The date of this is not known yet. Also gets a PC version Variable rate shader, which will improve performance.

Hitman Freelancer with roguelike elements

Hitman 3 will get an all-new single player mode in the spring, called Freelancer. According to the developer, this mode includes roguelike elements, strategic planning, and is customizable safe home. Agent 47’s Hideout is one of the new locations that have been added to the game. By progressing in Freelancer mode, players can unlock more hideout areas. The mission is also planned here and players can practice with weapons.

Freelancer mode features campaigns with specific missions in locations around the world. Players must choose the order in which they want to complete missions, and in between missions they are given the option to return to the safe bunker, pick up new equipment and plan the next mission. According to the IOI, the campaign missions have been modified to make them suitable for Freelancer mode. For example, new non-playable characters have been added in existing locations that could help the mission, or try to prevent it.

Unlike the regular Hitman campaign, Agent 47’s gear in Freelancer mode is not static. Everything the player leaves behind during the mission is lost. The exact release date of the new game mode is not known yet.

elusive target

On January 20, Hitman 3 will receive Target Arcade Game. This is a variant of the Elusive Target mode with new challenges and rewards that players get when they complete a mission. Duties must be completed sequentially; Players can only continue after completing the contract. If players fail to complete an Arcade contract, they cannot try again until 12 hours have passed. Thus, the developer IOI says that the file high stakes game Feature of Elusive Target Mode.

The Arcade Contract are permanent additions to Hitman 3. They won’t disappear over time. Initially, there will be three of these missions available. More will be added throughout the year.

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