History contradicts, but America is vulnerable

History contradicts, but America is vulnerable

With four World Cup titles and four Olympic golds in recent decades, the pre-Olympic question is: Who will stop? Team USA Off? As women from the United States have topped the FIFA rankings so far and Germany and France have not finished second and third in the rankings at the Olympics, this year too Americans have a large following among bookmakers. The biggest challenge may already be facing the United States in the quarterfinals. As the fourth and vice-world champion in the FIFA rankings, the Orange Lions are a frightening obstacle Team USA.

Yet history speaks in favor of the United States. In the Netherlands, we particularly remember the World Cup final, which ended in a 2-0 defeat, but the Orange Lions often play against the United States. It was an exhibition game when Orange finally lost 2-0 again in 2020. The last victory of the Netherlands on Team USA Prior to 1996. Since then, they have lost eight times.

Still, it is possible to beat the United States in the Olympics. It happened in Rio. Even the favorite at the time fell off the stage. The match was disappointing as they were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Megan Robino in action at the Olympics

And this year Team USA Winning at the Olympics. Sweden, ranked fifth, surpassed the United States. Top favorite stumbles, it reflected again against the world number nine, Australia. This is a balance. America is vulnerable, but the individual class is still enormous. To achieve a stunt against the aging United States you have to get objects with orange defenses. As an attack it would be nice. Midema, who is heading to her 100th international match, could brighten up her anniversary with a ninth or perhaps tenth goal. After eight losses, it was time for the Orange Lions to take revenge. Let’s pave the way for the finals.

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