HiFive Pro 550 Board with Intel RISC-V Chipset and SiFive Coming Summer 2023 – PC – News

Whoops, team up with Intel!

I’m interested in ARM64 and risc64 precisely because there is no hidden code or presence of “security processors”, like the controversial Intel ME found in all processors and where there is a real chance of a back door. Intel may be required to do so by Patriot Act And if she opens her mouth, she may face severe punishment.

That’s why I’m looking for it Open source hardware Where the processor and ISA are not obscure, but seen by many eyes, there are no security processors like Intel ME or AMD PSP and bootloader without Binary points It works so you can start Linux without hidden code. If your network/wifi/audio/gpu drivers are also open source, you have a trusted platform that you know won’t intentionally compromise your security and privacy.

There is some evidence from Intel that RDRAND attempted to break encryption on all Linux systems by having the NSA write an RDRAND statement and then require the critical Linux developer to use RDRAND only and often not in combination with other RNG drivers. Fortunately, Linux and FreeBSD haven’t gotten along with that, so you can safely use AES-NI and RDRAND when mixed with other entropy/random devices. This is also the default, so Linux/BSD are only cryptographically secure.

But better, of course, is a new architecture based on privacy by design. My question: is risc64 what I’m looking for? ARM64 is also not 100% holy, but it is almost infinitely better than AMD / Intel. Then I think of the following privacy story: risc64 > arm64 > AMD > Intel > Zhaoxin (China)

What do you think of this?

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